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Immediately when someone asks me what makes Royale Class Healthcare Unique without hesitation I answer – the #Chief and the #Veep. Normally I pause for the look or silence. The #Chief aka me and the #veep who is my vice president of operations Melissa Mancuso is what makes Royale Class Healthcare unique. Confidently I can say regardless of the size of the company you decide to work with (although you should be working with Royale Healthcare) you will never come across a more dedicated and hands on leadership team. It’s a promise that was made from day one. Regardless of how big Royale Healthcare becomes – Leadership will never lose sight of that commitment.

Royale Healthcare operates differently than most conventional companies. When you work with myself and the veep, you work with people. You work with two passionate fully committed executives. It’s not about a paycheck to us – it’s about excellence, it’s about quality, it’s about the client. We recognize you have many choices when selecting a staffing and consulting partner. Let’s face it many healthcare industry’s companies will go with the safe choice, safe as in bigger (not necessarily better)companies such as Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, Catalyst, or even Aerotek to name a few –what many clients don’t realize is many of the bigger players reach out to companies like Royale Healthcare for their database of candidates or their bench of consultants. Which is very common in the staffing and consulting industry, however the key component those companies lack is the leadership team that consists of the chief and veep.

Our potentials as well as clients appreciate how hands on we are through every phase including during and after. What makes us good leaders? The veep and I are very pro-active, we are real – For Example: we don’t cover over mistakes. Mistakes happen and it’s best if handled together a team as a true partner. When you hire Royale Healthcare, you hire quality, you hire excellence, you hire experience, you hire knowledge but most of all you hire people. People who work for you, people who are dedicated to you, leadership that will support you.

Some might say it’s the dynamics between the chief and veep that bring it full cycle. I have worked with other executives and I must say I never worked with someone who complimented not just my leadership team but the company. When you work with a management / executive team it’s rare to witness a true team of morals, knowledge and support. I am very proud to say the veep and I demonstrate our core values of TRUST, DEPENDABILITY by and INTEGRITY - as an added value you get some comic relief in between. 

So, what makes Royale Healthcare unique – 5 words, The Chief and The Veep. Contact us today at
Leadership@RoyaleHealthcare.com to discover a new class of staffing and consulting – see how we are revolutionizing the staffing and consulting industry one client at a time!