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With the pressing challenges in the healthcare sector today, the need for revolutionary approaches by means of technological tools is also getting more pronounced. And as such, the marriage of the medical industry and telecommunication industry have given birth to a new approach that promise to change the health and wellness landscape even further, through Telehealth.

Telehealth or telemedicine is a system that aims to deliver virtual medical, health and education services to patients through telecommunication technology – telephone, VoIP, video conference, image transfer, and or email – which eliminates the geographic constraints and other factors that may inhibit the patients from getting proper medical attention.

With its rise, it is not changing the way people acquire their medical needs, but also the way healthcare institutions conduct their day-to-day operations. Check out this infographic as we present the basic facts about telecare and why it is bound to change the healthcare industry as we know it. 


TeleHealth on the Raise