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Benefits of Using a Staffing Company to Hire 

The healthcare sector is one of the most thriving industries in the market today. Due to factors like the Affordable Care Act and growing numbers within a community-based care and specialties in the industry like geriatrics, informatics and care coordinators, the number of people who can access basic medical care has increased exponentially in the past recent years.

With the massive growth within the healthcare market, the demand for nurses has also increased. Aside from the outburst of opportunities, another reason why the demand for nurses will spike in the years to come is the anticipated retirement of more than
500,000 seasoned Registered Nurses in 2022.

With the increase in demand, along with the pressure from the City, State and Federal Government to sustain quality healthcare services, finding and retaining highly-qualified nurses with the right skill-set is becoming more difficult these days.

To ensure a competitive edge in the hiring process, many have already turned to staffing agencies to recruit nurses, allowing them to reap benefits like cost savings, scalable workforce, better access to top talent, streamlined hiring process and more engaged employees.

1. Experienced Staffing Consultants

Hiring managers or internal employment specialists may require a lengthy period to find a qualified nurse for your facility. Hiring a healthcare staffing agency, on the other hand, provide you with services that should reduce the time an internal HR team would take at a lower cost.

Staffing consultants typically have a vast expertise about job knowledge, employment trends, recruitment practices, standards in various industries and give your hiring team valuable insights of what is currently happening in the nursing job market. Healthcare staffing agencies know where and how to source exceptional talent, their salary rates and job expectations, as well as the current complexities in hiring nurses.

2. Better Access to Skilled Candidates

As the competition in the healthcare industry gets stiffer and finding qualified nurses gets harder, having the service of a healthcare staffing agency can certainly provide you with better access to more skilled and talented nurses at a much lower cost than if you do the hiring process in-house.

Healthcare staffing agencies are highly experienced in the recruitment field and are extremely dedicated to providing their clients with the nurse they require. Healthcare staffing agencies have a wide-range of networks with advanced recruiting process and technologies, they can make the hiring process smoother and more efficient.

3. Avoid Bad Hires

Healthcare staffing agencies reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidates. They ensure that each nurse that they provide are of quality – has the right skill-set and personality needed for the job and uphold values that perfectly aligns with your organization.

Healthcare staffing agencies provide you with the opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits over a trial period- allowing you to gauge if you will give the temporary hire a permanent job in your facility. With this process, you can benefit a significant savings in employment costs such as investment in time, training and support needs.

4. Flexibility

More and more organizations today are using healthcare staffing agencies to provide them with contingent workforce because of the added flexibility. Healthcare staffing agencies that specialize in the healthcare industry like Royale Class Healthcare, have a variety of staffing options such as
contract-to-hire, direct hire, per-diem hire and temporary hire that enables your company to hire the best nurses based upon your businesses staffing needs.

Regardless of the situation, healthcare staffing agencies can provide you with extra hands when you need them – from maternity leaves to sick leaves, vacation leaves, or unexpected surges on your operations -  and you don’t have the obligation to paying these workers once your operational level goes back to normal.

5. Saves Time

Time is one of the most valuable resources in any organization today and healthcare staffing agencies help you to retain much of it when you use their services. As a tedious task, the hiring process can consume a lot of time and effort, especially if you belong in a niche industry where it is hard to find a qualified candidate.

In the end, this lengthy process can take the focus of your in-house HR staff away on more important areas of your business such as managing and tracking the performance of your existing employees. To help expedite the hiring process, healthcare staffing agencies often have a prepared set of candidates ready to be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed. Type your paragraph here.