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Our #chief has worked with a wide variety of firms during her career and learned that most of them specialized in a narrow arena within "Staffing". This led to the client being forced into bringing in many vendors, each to perform one specialized task. The vendors weren't interested in understanding the project as a whole - only their small piece of the pie. 

With Royale Class Healthcare, our #chief has changed all of what she had experienced in the past working for other firms. RCH brings together subject matter experts, talented candidates and our own internal staff that can understand your project(s) / objectives from front-end to back-end, soup to nuts, all in one place. Not only do our clients receive the benefit of best-in-class experts in their respective fields, these experts work hand in hand with other experts, both those that report to Royale Class Healthcare and experts within the client organization. The result - Your projects and or your objectives are reached and projects are completed faster, more efficiently and with one organization to hold accountable - not to mention one invoice.

Services that Royale Class provides:

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