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An employee is an investment to any company. Your employee should always be an ROI (Return on Investment). However, how do you make employees understand that? How do you get the employee to see that it is their responsibility to “assist / sell the tomato”?  Sell that tomato to the Market, if you don’t sell that tomato at market cost it will ultimately affect an entire business / company.

Recently I had an employee that would continue to say “I am not a sales person”! They were adamant about not being a sales person and how it was explained upon hire and how their position wasn’t about “selling”. So how was it the employee’s responsibility to sell the tomato? Selling, doesn’t mean the conventional 101 of “selling”. Business Development is another form of “selling the tomato” aka ROI.

Does it make it okay to let an employee slide because they advise you in advance they’re not a sales person? Does it mean they don’t fulfill their role 100% just because they were honest and said I am not a sales person? I myself was on the fence, until recently. My first mistake was caring enough that my employee had food on their plate not having it in me to lead them in the right direction which should have been perhaps a different position or dismissing them.

My frustration between caring and leading ultimately left me not only not selling the tomato and I was looked upon as a non-leader and lost the employee, who did have many good qualities. I continued to blame myself for no ROI, until an episode of #sharktank, Mark Cuban @mcuban said something that put things into perspective. He said “I am not a Sales Person is just an excuse, your asked to deliver and if you can’t deliver you’re not determined enough”.

So, what does this have to do with ROI, great question – if an employee is not going deliver / sell the tomato and only find excuses as to why they couldn’t assist / deliver or sell the “tomato” it’s your job as a leader as an employer to put a pull your investment, just as you would if your stock was sinking. Pull your investment and re-invest. Never let lead with care, because two things will be certain! One your business / company will suffer and two no matter what you do you will be looked at as the bad “boss” as if you can’t lead and that it was your fault they lost / quit their job.

It’s important that leaders and entrepreneurs share their costly mistakes. We all want to share our success stories; however, we grow more as leaders and people from falling. Don’t be ashamed to fall if you fall get up – Remember fall 10 times get up 11!

Be a leader not a cheerleader – assure your return on investment makes you and the employee successful and it becomes beneficial for both the employee and employer.  

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