Finally, medium story short - Royale Healthcare is proud to announce Our Staffing Division has launched our Direct Staffing Program as a Product. Discover a new class of Staffing - we are not convinced that most staffing agencies are true partners to their clients. We routinely hear from our clients that they do not get the service, the candidates or the quality that they really want. Strategy is changing that, one job, one contract, one project at a time. We call it The Staffing Revolution, and we know it is time to shake-up the Staffing Industry. We do not promise "Solutions" like the "others" do, we provide you with what you want when you want it at the speed of you.

Selling a product vs a service is so much easier to sell. Why? Simple, one word visual. A Product can be taken to a trade show a service can only be explained. 90% of us are visual people, I am one of those 90%’ers. Of course, the business I decide to open is a service - go figure! It’s no secret that I am not a sales pitch person, nor do I like “sales”. When people end up buying from me, personally it’s due to my personality not my sells ability. To make matters worse, I hire a Vice President who is less of “sales person” then me. Again, when people buy from myself and my vice president aka The VEEP – it’s because of what we bring to the table, and the honesty that accompanies us.

During a brainstorming session – I turned to my vice president and say, “veep how do we drive in new sales”? “How do we sell a service”?  – what do we do?

The Veep looked at me and said, its 10 o’clock at night my mind has clocked out – or has it?  Approx. 30-60 mins I receive an email from the veep that suggests we sell our service as product. Being the cranky CEO at this hour I of course said – “she is tried and needs rest”. So I dismissed it (for the night) 

The next day, we sit down and the veep explains to me it was not exhaustion that made the veep send a late-night email, it was an idea that came to her. As we talked about this idea - it begun to develop into a plan. Of course you worry about a few things - a major worry of mine was how do we execute this without making the service come off cheap. My next concern was "selling" - It’s not like I can offer a 2 for 1 sale, or a coupon. Or could we – again I kept saying "how could we offer our services as a product without making it seem like a cheap product / service"?

During our working session, it came to us, let’s take the Veeps idea about making a service a product, and mix it with our business model. I am a full believer that a company shouldn't have a "price list" - we don’t have a cookie cutter approach. At Royale Healthcare we know the struggles a company faces with the growing costs of healthcare constantly on the raise.

So in our normal chief and veep fashion we come up with an idea - Take the Clients staffing objective and visually make it a product. How you ask, contact us for at to learn more.

In addition to turning a service into a product , we decided to put our "money were our confidence is" - by offering a guarantee. Of course me being the movie buff that I am, the first movie that comes to my mind is Tommy Boy -
"Here's the way I see it, Ted...a Guy puts a fancy guarantee on a box 'cause he wants you to fell all warm and toasty inside." The veep (not being a movie buff) says I think a guarantee will show potentials we back our "product" - just like that our 3 step guarantee was born. 

Our 3-step guarantee

  1. Meet / Exceed your staffing objective
  2. Not only match your current staffing vendor’s placement fee, we will come in at a min. of 2% less – Want to Save more? Ask us about our exclusive staffing program.
  3. Money back guarantee​                 

The #Chief

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Discover a New Class of Staffing

Selling Staffing as a Product vs a Service 

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