As the competition in the healthcare industry gets stiffer and finding qualified nurses gets harder, having the service of Royale Class Healthcare, we can certainly provide you with better access to more skilled and talented nurses at a much lower cost than if you do the hiring process in-house.

Royale Class Healthcare Recruiting Specialists are highly experienced in the recruitment field and are extremely dedicated to providing our clients with the nurse(s) they require.

Royale Class Healthcare has a wide-range of networks with advanced recruiting processes and technologies, RCH will make the hiring process smoother and more efficient.

Royale Class Healthcare can provide you with a variety of staffing services such as contract-to-hire, direct hire, per-diem hire and temporary hire that enables your company to hire the best nurses based upon your businesses staffing needs.


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With the increase in demand, along with the pressure from the City, State and Federal Government to sustain quality healthcare services, finding and retaining highly-qualified nurses with the right skill-set is becoming more difficult these days.

To ensure a competitive edge in the hiring process, turn to
Royale Class Healthcare for recruiting your nurses and it will allow you to reap benefits like cost savings, scalable workforce, better access to top talent and streamline your hiring process.

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