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Lead Generation - Ignore & Reject 

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Recently I stepped out of my "C Level" Role and played "Under cover Boss". How? By stepping out of the #chief role and conducting Business Development AKA Lead Generation. I did my famous "research" first to see how I should go about it – Most articles and stats showed to use LinkedIn - I thought to myself “great idea!”. I have almost 10,000 connections, this will work out just fine. It definitely didn't, but we will get to that shortly.  My objective was to reach out to decision markers, which I did - only to feel disappointment. I now started to understand what my business executives go through….and then it happened, I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror. I felt (for all my movie watching connections) like I lived the real-life event of "powder" – in the sense of how a deer feels when it gets shot by a hunter and you feel the pain of the deer dying.

I now know how I make others feel who are doing their job by connecting with decision makers (like myself), only to be ignored or get one liners "not interested", two words that should take us all back to when we first started out, wanting to succeed in our career. Many of us, myself included, crush someone's chances before they even have the chance to dream. Why? - I mean, why are we so quick to ignore or brush someone off? Well, I can only tell you my opinion, personally when it comes to "sales" I can't be bothered with the "car salesman" pitch. I am a firm believer in the saying “People buy from People”.

I can see the copy and paste “sales pitches” blah blah blah a mile away, which are the ones I do ignore. But why am I ignoring the true master pieces, the diamonds in the rough, the true “we are different”. I asked myself this when many (maybe even some of you that are reading this) ignored or rejected me when I said “we are different” – I can tell you as the CEO , The Royale Strategy Group and its affiliates, that TRSG is different and it’s sad that many times myself, my Vice President and my Business Development folks are not able to demonstrate the difference between myself and a “staffing company” – We don’t get the opportunity to show our true qualities of “different” and how we are the true “anti-staffing agency”. My goal when I opened this company was to put trust , faith and integrity back into the staffing and consulting world. But that’s a completely different article / blog.

So why do we ignore the non “car salesmen”…. My guess, if I am being honest with myself is I am sitting behind this desk with power that can determine someone’s career, someone’s day, and frankly I either don’t want to be bothered because I received 10 emails just in the past hour of “selling”, or I accepted a LinkedIn connection to only receive one of those annoying sales pitch emails - maybe I am in a “mood” or maybe I think my C level seat doesn’t stink. And I can tell you from this experience the seat definitely stinks.

I am by nature in business a confident person, so naturally I went into this experiment a bit on the cocky side, only to be rejected or ignored. Why do we as people reject or ignore someone, when we all know we don’t like that done to us on a personal or professional level? Here we are given an opportunity to not only lead and make the right decisions for our company and or department, not to mention we have the chance to help another business or give that little encouragement to someone’s employee and what is our first reaction? – It’s to reject or ignore! Why….???  

I think regardless of one’s position / title we all need to remember at one point in our career we have been the seller. Even if you were never officially in a sales role – we all sold one thing, ourselves! Think back to when you submitted a resume, you sold yourself on a paper to get the interview and when you got that interview you sold yourself again in person. We should always think about where we came from, because the same people you meet on your way up – you can and will see on your way down!

So give someone a chance, provide them with some information - and recall a moment in your career where you were someone who was dependent on someone else to give you a chance.......

Until Next Time…. I Gotta’Lotta to say about “everything”