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Throughout the years, the healthcare IT industry has gone through a lot of changes and developments which have made it an integral part of healthcare systems all over the world. Not only  have  healthcare IT developments made the healthcare processes more efficient, it also saves companies a huge amount of money, of which can be allocated to more important aspects of the business, such as to Research and Development, as well as facility and equipment upgrades.

In fact, the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare reported in 2014 that the healthcare industry
can save about $8.1 Billion annually, including $6.7 billion in savings for healthcare providers and $1.4 billion for health plans each year, all just by converting manual transactions to electronic transactions.

But looking back, who would have thought that this industry would come this far?

In this infographic, Royale Class Healthcare will present the long history of the healthcare IT world: how it has developed and how it became so important in the health industry today.