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At Royale Healthcare we put the client first – above all! Our objective is to successfully archive excellence in meeting our client’s objectives. Let’s face it – any company would be lying if they said they didn’t want to make money, however at what cost, that is the question you need to ask yourself when hiring a partner.

When RCH developed their business model it was built around the client. Of course, every staffing and consulting firm wants to say how we can do it all like we are superheroes and for the most part we are – to a degree!

The Staffing and Consulting Industry is very much like the Real Estate Industry – in the sense that if you have a client that is looking for a “certain” home, if you don’t have the type of home in your inventory – you need to look at other inventories aka “competitors”.

Co-Broking is a term that real estate’s uses when they work with other companies to find or sell the perfect house splitting the commission. Staffing and Consulting is not much different – other firms reach out to their competitors if they need a consultant, or someone to staff the position.

Royale Healthcare (like any successful business) knows the struggles that company goes through. The struggle of not being able to fill a job opening, the struggle to not find the right players for that project – and let’s not forget the struggle of not closing the deal (bringing in the sale). Royale Healthcare believes we are stronger by the number which is why RCH has the philosophy of a “half-a-loaf of bread”.

Let’s work together! Never mind the full loaf of bread, the objective is the client. Besides 2 halves’ equal a whole, doesn’t it?

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