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In 2009, I gave in to my enterprising nature and took the plunge in opening my own business, and just like that Royale Class was born to partner with the healthcare industry. Before I go on and on about Royale Class, let me provide some insight to my background. When I decided to open Royale Class, which is now known as Royale Class Healthcare I didn’t just jump on the Consulting and Staffing bandwagon. I had experience in both the healthcare industry and the FACETS™ world. My career began as a Health Care Claims Processor. Through hard work, dedication and drive I quickly got promoted through the ranks of the organization. In 1999 the healthcare organization I was working with implemented a new claims administration platform in the name of Facets®. At the time, it was called Erisco FACETS™ who later became TriZetto® and is now known as Cognizant TriZetto FACETS™. My director at the time selected me to work with consultants that were hired to guide and support us through the implementation. I then became part of the implementation FACETS™. team. Who knew being selected would design the course of my professional career. Almost 20 years later I am a Facets Subject Matter Expert for both the Professional and the IT side of the business. The last 8 years have involved operating my own business – Royale Class Healthcare (which is only one division of The Royale Strategy Group). I remain deeply embedded in the healthcare industry and in the world of FACETS™.

Like any new business, you begin by trying to generate revenue with hopes to land an account early on so the lights don’t shut off and maybe just maybe you can buy yourself a slice of pizza. So, I did what any business driven new owner did, I panicked! I questioned myself if I did the right thing and wondered if I should have just stayed a Consultant. The worry in me said yes, the drive in me said no – I am in this for the long hall.

My marketing was simple, reach out to companies that I worked for and start spreading the word that I now had my own company. The next set of people to reach out to were all the “head-hunters” that reached out to me to see if we can combine forces. My motto has always been “a half a loaf of bread is better than none” – both ideas worked out well and Royale Class Healthcare emerged.

Joining forces with “competitors” was good in the sense of work, bad in the sense they were getting all the credit. For years Royale Class, has implemented, upgraded and installed critical patches for insurance companies throughout the United States – However Royale Class was Black labeled .

Don’t get me wrong, my team and I have implemented more than a dozen FACETS™ conversion projects, countless FACETS™ upgrade projects and continue to provide the healthcare industry with expertise in consulting, staffing, and outsourcing on our own (white labeled ). However, as for joining forces with competitors and being black labeled , it has proved to be challenging, in the sense that it’s my company, myself and my team of FACETS™ experts conducting the project and consulting clients while ABC123 Consulting Inc. received the credit. Of course, no big deal who needs credit…right? I mean credit doesn’t keep the lights on. Business is going great – besides I have never been a title person, titles don’t impress me. I love what I do especially when the project is completed successfully. When my team hits the go live target date, it gives me satisfaction that no money can put a value on.

In 2012 the call came, the call that I was waiting for my entire career – TriZetto! A member from TriZettos Vendor Services asked me to come to Denver and be part of their staffing vendor team. We were selected to provide consultants and direct hires for TriZetto.

I realized we had become the Black Label of FACETS™ Consulting. What happened to my entire business plan, which consisted of revolutionizing the Consulting and Staffing Industry? 25% of my business was being run by the business model I developed (white labeled ) and the other 75% we were providing expert consultants to competitors (black labeled ). As Royale Class was being black labeled  while providing outstanding work our competitors were receiving the credit and spotlight. I started thinking not only was my business plan not being executed fully but I realized that “titles” do mean something.

Receiving credit for a project well done in this industry is everything! In 2017 I decided it was time, it was time to show the healthcare industry we are and have been a thought leader in consulting and staffing. Now don’t get me wrong, I can sit here all day and write about how Royale Class Healthcare is different, but I am a show you type of leader. We all know the saying “actions speak louder than words” – which has been proven true, time and time again!

The business model I created encompasses my healthcare experience from the payer’s side and the consultants side to fully benefit the client. Royale Class Healthcare is here and has been here for 8 successful years providing Subject Matter Expertise in FACETS™ and within the Healthcare Industry. We have lead successful testing teams through each phase, provided Project Management, developed implementation and upgrade planning, conducted data modelling, operational support and more. Clients who we are servicing through competitors don’t get to experience the other services Royale Class Healthcare offers such as full cycle testing, training, post FACETS™ support and more.  So what does this mean? It means clients are benefiting by having our consultants but not benefiting from the cost efficiency we can provide along with other factors that are worth capitalizing on. To learn more visit our website at www.RoyaleHealthcare.com or send a direct e-mail to the Senior Leadership Team at Leadership@RoyaleHealthcare.com.

And that is just a little insight to Royale Class Healthcare.

Until Next Time…. I Gotta’Lotta to say about “everything”  


The Black Label of FACETS™ Consulting